How to use AI for UPSC Preparation: A Comprehensive Guide

Use AI for a comprehensive understanding of the UPSC syllabus, efficient current affairs updates, and fast Mains answer evaluation with SuperKalam. Learn how AI imrpvoes your UPSC preparation, making it more efficient, effective, and tailored to your needs.

How to use AI for UPSC Preparation: A Comprehensive Guide

The journey of UPSC - from your reading room to the training rooms of LBSNAA - is filled with challenges. But, challenges also signal the opportunity of solving them with innovation. We know that for an aspirant like you, the vast syllabus, information overload, and lack of personalized mentorship, are some of the challenges.

But with new innovations, such as in the space of Artificial Intelligence, you can now remove these challenges and boost your preparation by getting disciplined, tracking your progress, identifying your strengths and weaknesses and also keep a check on your physical and mental health. 🧘

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in UPSC preparation:

AI for UPSC is not just a buzzword anymore. Let’s look at how it addresses aspirants' pain points and solves the problems faced in day to day life:

  • Understanding UPSC syllabus: Confused about any term in the syllabus? Just ask it and AI will explain it in the simplest words. You can even try different prompts to make it more customised for yourself.
  • Current Affairs: Now, you don’t have to stress any more about covering current affairs for the UPSC exam. AI can help you summarize and learn key terms and concepts instantly.
  • MAINS answer evaluation: You can now use AI backed tools for UPSC such as SuperKalam to evaluate your handwritten answers instantly. Yes, no need to wait for almost 1 week to get your evaluated copies if you went by traditional methods.
  • Feedback and personalized guidance: Most important thing after evaluation is feedback and improvement. AI can understand your weakness and suggest where you can improve your answers and score that extra mark from the examiner 😉
  • Make concise notes: Want to make short notes on Fundamental Rights? AI can generate it for you in seconds saving you the trouble of going through multiple resources.
  • Stay disciplined and track your progress: Consistency is the key. And with adaptive AI tools like Kalam, you can track your daily targets and create a disciplined routine to ace the exam. 
  • Maintain physical and mental well being: Often neglected during the preparation, it is a must to keep a check on physical and mental fitness to overcome stress, illness, or any fatigue that can deter you in this sweet journey of becoming a civil servant. Have you noticed how UPSC toppers in those mock interviews that you binge - watch on social media, look so sincere and fit both physically and mentally? Yes, you have to become one of those, so you should put in those efforts in running, meditation, playing sports, or any activity that refreshes your body and mind.

Top 5 AI tools to use in your UPSC Preparation:

Well, as always, the possibilities are endless and with the tech getting advanced every day, AI can get more customized for your learning outcomes.

Not that you have a great understanding of benefits and how AI can be used in UPSC preparation, let’s get to know some tools and resources that can actually help you achieve these:

  • Headspace: We can’t ever stress enough on the importance of mental fitness and calmness. Headspace, using the latest AI and ML techniques, provides personalised and real-time suggestions to guided meditation, mindfulness, sleep and focus to its users. How will you dream, if you can’t sleep peacefully! 😉
  • SuperKalam: Many of the benefits mentioned above, starting from understanding syllabus to covering current affairs, from prelims MCQ practice to instant answer evaluation - everything can be done with your 24/7 Personal Mentor, Kalam. Plus, it is being developed and backed by UPSC Toppers and industry leaders at Google and Y Combinator.
  • Notion: Note taking is an important part of an aspirant's life. And to make it even better with summarizing key points, rewriting or formating the notes in simple language, note taking tools like Onenote or Notion, can be a blessing.
  • StayFocusd: Social media is becoming addictive with engaging content pushed out every microsecond. StayFocusd with its AI tracking, helps block these websites and thus keep distractions one-hand distance away like we used to stand in queues during morning prayers in schools.
  • HealthifyMe: Many aspirants who move to different cities for their preparation miss their fav and nutritious ‘mummy ke haath ka khana’. But with apps like HealthifyMe and its inbuilt AI food tracker, you can track your diet and keep a fit check on your tummy.

Think of how Mario used to get superpowers like bigger size and strength, when he consumed new offerings during his journey of rescuing the Princess. Just like that, you can now get superpowers with you if you use AI effectively in your UPSC preparation. 😉

Similarly - We, at SuperKalam, believe that educators and mentors are very beautifully helped with AI tools such as the ones shared above. And this dynamic-duo is the way forward to revolutionalize education and many other sectors to make India great! 🇮🇳